Kenny Totten

Kenny Totten

Posted on September 13, 2017

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect job.

If you are anything like me, you’ve just pictured sitting on the ledge of your balcony on a summer’s day, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It’s the end of your workday, and you have to take one more picture?and post to social media before officially “clocking out” and heading to dinner.

Sounds good right?

We are looking to make a handful of work-life fantasies come true.

Here at The Air Travel Group, we are launching a new program called Project Freefare. Essentially, we are looking for brand ambassadors for the program. Project Freefare is a “members only”?international travel club where members are given access to free and severely discounted international flights to Europe, Asia, Central & South America, as well as the Caribbean.?

Our Brand Ambassadors will be required to travel internationally and document their trips, posting to social media, and create content based on the things they did on their trip to Rome (for example).

Should you be interested traveling the world for free and want a shot at living your dream job, we’d encourage you to visit the Project Freefare site and apply.

Oh and for the record, since my boss will read this, I already have the perfect job. But maybe a few weeks of the year I can handle my duties from the beach in Positano? I promise I’ll be productive ??

To learn?more about Project Freefare, click here.