Kenny Totten

Kenny Totten

Posted on November 27, 2017

Black Friday.

Small Business Saturday.

Cyber Monday.

With every company vying for consumer attention, sale fatigue is setting in. And while we have nothing specifically to sell you, we did want to make you aware that right after Cyber Monday, frequent travelers can add Travel Tuesday to holiday purchase cycle.

(And yes, Travel Tuesday is unofficially becoming a “thing”).

According to the travel app Hopper (which predicts airfare prices), the best day of the year to purchase airfare is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving!

Should you be looking for low published rates, be sure to wake up early on Tuesday, November 28– as best time to score an awesome rate is usually between 6:30am- 9:30am EST.

Deals will likely include flights to Central and South America in the $300-$400 range, flights?to the U.K. and Europe in the $600-800s, and even more cities as well as many in Asia for $600 to $750.

Domestically, the legacy airlines aren’t as inclined to offer low prices, as they operate on smaller margins. Travelers should expect domestic round trips for under $300 (except to Hawaii, but you knew that).

Should you be interested in traveling internationally in the summer and fall of 2018, be sure to sign up for our newest venture, CloudClub.

In the Spring of 2018, we will be launching a new travel company that takes users’ collective interested and creates pre-constructed trips for up to 40% published rates– internally, we explain it like Groupon, but for international travel!?

You can sign up to get free alerts prior to the platform’s launch by clicking here.

CloudClub will be offering some amazing fares to Europe:

Orlando to Rome: $839
Washington DC to Paris: $815
Dallas to Athens: $950

For more information on future discounted international flight options, be sure to check out CloudClub’s teaser site!