The Solar Eclipse from Your Window Seat; the Do’s and Don’ts

Kenny Totten

Kenny Totten

Posted on August 21, 2017

On August 21, a large majority of North America will experience the first solar eclipse in decades. In many areas of the country, people are in a mad dash to purchase solar sunglasses that are safe for?viewing the eclipse.

While millions will be watching from the ground, there will also be countless people experiencing the eclipse from a plane window today.

Meet Eric Peterson- CEO of America’s Fastest Growing Travel Company

Kenny Totten

Kenny Totten

Posted on August 17, 2017

Eric Peterson is The Air Travel Group’s Founder and President. His dynamic leadership over the past 4 years has propelled the company from a 3 person operation to a bustling multimillion dollar travel agency. The travel industry is a crowded place, with many large, well-funded players. Eric’s success came from his ability to think differently about travel services.

Your Travel Agency May Be Costing You Money

Kenny Totten

Kenny Totten

Posted on August 15, 2017

Are you a business owner who’s?employees travel internationally for meetings, incentive trips, and special events? Chances are, the travel agency you use to book your company’s airfare is costing you thousands of dollars.


The travel industry is riddled with giant players with impressive client lists and booking numbers but lackluster service.

As Travel Management Companies (TMCs) took on more accounts and booked more flights, they had to hire more people and purchase smaller shops.

15 Cheap International Flights

Kenny Totten

Kenny Totten

Posted on July 25, 2017

Detroit to Rome for $799, no black out dates or time restrictions! Search cheap international flights today!

Want to see the world, but can’t due to budgetary constraints?

We’ve all been there.

Traveling from the United States to Europe (especially during high season) can get pricey. Over the last few years, budget international carriers like Norwegian Air have been popping up, offering cheap international flights to select cities in Europe. The problem with discount international carriers is they offer limited flight choices.